Why Golf Courses Need a Mobile App

Why Golf Courses Need a Mobile App

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The case for mobile apps is strong. Most people don’t know why they need an app, but they do know that they want one. The 2010 word of the year was “App”. Mobile Apps are simply all the buzz right now.

The barriers to entry in the app market are still quite high. You must find a developer who has a working knowledge of that type of software, then pay whatever they charge. Most customers are at the mercy of the app developer since there isn’t any kind of “do-it-yourself” app software out there (and nor should there be!). The great thing, though is that those barriers are coming down a little. It is getting a little easier to have an app built for yourself or your company > case in point: GOLF WEB DESIGN MOBILE APPS.

Golf Web Design realizes that iPhone and Android apps will soon be a necessity for golf courses. Remember only about 5 or 6 years ago when having your own website was an absolute luxury? Only the most expensive golf courses could have their very own website on the “World Wide Web”? Well now look where we are.

For a golf course to have their own website is simply not even a question anymore. Soon the same will be said for a golf course to have their own mobile app.

A Few Great Reasons

Let’s look at a few reasons why mobile apps can be a great marketing tool for golf courses.

Mobility. Everyone carries their mobile phone with them – everywhere they go. Think about that for a minute. Who do you know that has a cell phone – that doesn’t carry it around with them all the time? Smartphones now have access to data networks that allow them to download apps and view the Internet. An enormous wealth of knowledge is at their fingertips. Your customers carry around this “portal” to the Internet with them everywhere they go. If your golf course is already programmed to be on their short-list of apps – don’t you think you have an advantage over your competitors?

A new medium. People all over the world are still embracing this new type of medium. Developers all over the world are just starting to realize the potential of this new medium. Things like geo-location and instant posts to Facebook are a few of the things that make apps incredible. Imagine if a customer drives by your golf course and is alerted that you have 3 tee times open this afternoon – right on their phone – simply because your phone was within 1000 yards of the golf course. Imagine sending push notifications directly to your customer’s phone whenever you are having a holiday sale. The options are endless and ever growing.

Brand awareness. Many people are asking right now, “how do I monetize this app?” Let’s answer that by asking the question – “how do you monetize your website?” “or how to monetize your newspaper or magazine ad?” The short answer is – you don’t. Not directly anyway. Most people have realized the need for a website simply because that is where your customers are searching. It’s no longer a question of how to make money from a website – it’s simply “we need a website”. Well, your customers are now searching the app store. Your customers are using smartphones. Your customers will visit your app if they know you have one. See the connection? The more places that you can “be” – the more often that you will have a chance to get in front of your customers and tell them how great your golf course is.

A New Industry

Is the app market new? Yes. Will there be resistance to change? Yes, always. Will the early adopters find out ways to use apps better than their competition? Definitely.

We believe that apps are here to stay. “Mobile” is here to stay. No one wants to be tied down to a big desktop computer anymore. People want to have instant access to information from wherever they are. How many times have you gotten mad because you couldn’t send an email from an area with poor cell service?

Overall, if you are a golf course, take a good hard look at your marketing plan and see how a mobile app can fit in. We build Golf Course Mobile Apps that look great and inform your customer of what’s going on at the club. Give the customers what they want – your golf course on their smartphone!