Mobile Apps Part VII – Understanding the Pricing Structure

Mobile Apps Part VII – Understanding the Pricing Structure

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When it comes to advertising costs most people are shocked at how much things actually cost.

  • $1,000,000 for ONE 30 second commercial at the Super Bowl.
  • $50,000 for a six month billboard
  • $10,000 for an ad in a magazine
  • $4,000 for a radio station plug
  • $800 for a newspaper ad

Those are real cost associated with some of the different forms of advertising. The question that we ask our clients is “What is going to get the best bang for your buck?” We build the best Golf Course Mobile Apps in the business – but they’re not for everyone. We can tell you that because we are in the business of helping our fellow PGA Professionals grow – not shrink their revenues.

We recently received a phone call from a retirement community that was so excited to get a mobile app for their course and events that it was heart breaking when we asked them if their members used smartphones – their response “They barely know how to use e-mail, but they are getting better and wanting to use the website”. So instead of selling them something their members won’t use, we are actually working with them to rebuild their website and make it more user-friendly and interactive for their members. We concluded that would be better money spent.

Our Golf Course Mobile Apps are the best in the business – hands down for many reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons that we continue to set the standard in mobile development – and our competitors are racing to catch up:

  1. Best Overall Functionality
  2. Most Features
  3. Best Price in the Business
  4. Work with PGA Professionals that Understand Golf
  5. Fastest Turnaround Time
  6. Most Comprehensive Golf Course Apps on the Market Today

With all the resources available to our fellow professional our standard app costs just a fraction of what the industry normally charges. One great part is that our “standard” app is what our competitors consider their “top-shelf” or “platinum” package.

Compare that to what everyday apps you use cost to build:

USA Today App: $100,000 +
Pandora: $50,000 +
Facebook: $100,000 +
Redbox: $50,000 +
Skype: $100,000 +

why spend the money.

Why spend the money on a Golf Course Mobile App? We put together this Mobile App Series so that you can read these articles, learn more about what an app can do for your business and reap the benefits. We say this all the time to clients:

“Mobile Apps are what websites were 10 years ago”

Getting in on the ground floor when other clubs in the area don’t offer an app is a great way to capitalize on the market.

Next week we will talk about the development process and how easy it is to get an app for your golf facility.