Mobile Apps Part VI – A Look at Mobile GPS in Your App

Mobile Apps Part VI – A Look at Mobile GPS in Your App

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GPS – Global Positioning System. It’s been a boom to the golf industry since it’s inception. Handheld GPS units really took off in 2005, when they became the “must-have” golf accessory for golfers world-wide. And who could blame anyone for wanting a handheld GPS unit that could tell a golfer their yardage to the flag? GPS units first arrived as a large screen in golf carts, permanently fixed to the golf cart. So once hand-held GPS units came out – golfers who preferred to walk could enjoy the same distance measuring luxury as anyone riding in a GPS enabled golf cart.

Now fast forward a few years – handheld GPS units such as Sky Caddie have made a great impact on the game. They still sell at a premium price and they are a great luxury to have while playing golf. Fast forward to NOW and you’ll start to see mobile apps with a GPS feature built right in. That’s what Golf Web Design does – we can build a custom app for your golf course with a golf course yardage book that displays distance to the front, center and back of each green.

How is this great for a golf course? A small investment in an app turns your customers’ iPhones and Android phones into a GPS unit. Who doesn’t want a GPS unit? That means more people download your app. The more people that download your app, the more people that look at the rest of your app and see what’s going on at the club. Utility apps have been proven to have a longer life-cycle than typical games or other apps. This means more customer engagement. More customer engagement (especially through features like our push notifications) means more people who will recognize your brand, feel trust in your company and who will want to play your course when it comes time to think about where they want to play. Your customers have a choice of where they want to play – keeping them engaged makes them want to come back and play more often.

For a private course, our GPS feature in your course’s app can mean one more perk for your members that no other club in town has. Give your members the benefit of not having to purchase an expensive GPS unit – build it right into your app and engage members on a deeper level.

For more information on how we can build a great app for your golf course, check out our mobile apps section.