Mobile Apps Part VIII – The Mobile App Development Process

Mobile Apps Part VIII – The Mobile App Development Process

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We have a lot of customers who are interested in having a mobile app built for their golf course ask us: “How does the development process work? Does it take a long time? What do you need from me?”

These are great questions that I want to answer right now, so that you can gain a better knowledge of how we work and what you can expect during the mobile app development process.

How does the development process work?
We try to simplify everything we do. Simplicity means things are simple. Simple is good. We start by collecting information from you. We have everything put together in one nice packet for you to fill out. We collect information like course phone numbers, facebook fan page URL, tee time booking engine, etc… Once we get all of that information from you, the ball is in our court. We build the app and occasionally ask you a few questions along the way. Once the app is ready to go, we send you a video of the app in action. You sign off on the app and we submit it to the app stores. Pretty simple right?

How long does it take to build an app for me?
The information gathering process usually takes the longest time. We ask you to gather all of that information, so however long it takes a client to get us that information + about 4-6 weeks is how long it takes to build your app. Most of the time this number is even less, but just to make sure we cross our t’s and dot our i’s, we tell you 4-6 weeks.

What do you need to get started?
We always start our projects with a contract. Once we get the contract back from you – then we send you the appropriate information. All you need is an email address and access to the internet. Then we can send you a list of everything we need. Most of the time we need stuff like your domain name, tee time URL, images of your course, general facility information, phone numbers, and possibly your blog feed. Don’t have a blog feed? Not a problem because we can use your Facebook fan page!

So that wraps up how the development process of a mobile app is structured. Pretty simple huh? We try not to over-complicate things here at GWD.

Check out next week’s post on Understanding the App Marketplace for Apple and Android phones.