Mobile Apps IX – The App Marketplace

Mobile Apps IX – The App Marketplace

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The Technology Revolution has completely gone mobile. There has never been a time like this before; the closest has been the invention of the telegram, telephone, television and the Internet. The ability to have instant information available at the touch of a button anywhere in the world (in the palm of your hand) is something quite extraordinary.

The mobile device has completely changed the way the world communicates. The question you have to now ask yourself and your business is “How should I respond? What is my business’ mobile strategy, and how can I make it happen?”

That’s where understanding the mobile market and how it can benefit your business will separate you as a business person and leader in the golf industry. What allows the mobile platform to be so great is the low cost and the high return on investment that this form of advertising produces.

What a business would pay for advertising in a magazine they can have a mobile app developed for their golf course. The beauty is that the app doesn’t expire – or go on to the next issue. The app is there to stay and you can update it whenever you want.

The marketplace is primed and only getting stronger when it comes to people demanding information in the palm of their hand on their smartphone. Make sure your business is doing what it set out to do – reach new and existing customers, keep those customers engaged, and make money!

Let’s look at some remarkable statistics.

  • By 2013, 40% of all Internet traffic will be attributable to the smartphone.
  • Smartphone ownership rose by 64% in 2010. The Android platform rose over 1,000% in 2010.

It has never been easier to get in the mobile marketplace. The question we want to help you answer is – Will your business be available for download when your customers are demanding it? We hope so; and would like to help you get there. We are the leader in golf course mobile apps – offering the best designs, best functionality, and unsurpassed customer support.

We are PGA Golf Professionals working for PGA Golf Professionals to help educate, improve, and grow your business.

Please checkout our last Mobile Apps segment next week when we discuss the Future of Mobile Apps.