Using Google + for Your Business

Using Google + for Your Business

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Google + is still young, and getting in early and acclimating your business culture to this new platform is the smart thing to do. Google + is an extremely powerful tool that Google has built to make finding your business easier than ever.

So what is Google +? It is the home for your business / brand on Google. You can add your company name, images and information. You can tell your customers where to find you, your story and link your website. You can create a page here.

Google even offers a complete guide titled “The Guide to Google + for Business” – we have included a link for you to download it here.

Inspire visitors to recommend and share with +1

People trust recommendations from people they know, and adding the +1 button to your site makes it easy for visitors to show their support and share what they like about your content. You can also extend that reach even further by enabling AdWords social extensions with a simple snippet of code.

Connect face-to-face with Google+ Hangouts
From customer appreciation events to feedback sessions, distributed team gatherings to concerts, Hangouts make it easy to reach out and talk with people around the world. With one click, you can set up video conversations with customers and colleagues alike — all over high-quality, easy-to-use video chat. You can make the conversation even bigger by hosting a Hangout on Air, allowing you to live-stream and record your Hangout so the whole world can watch.

Post beautiful content
People love visual media. That’s why Google+ makes it easy to add images and videos to your posts in a big, beautiful way. We aren’t talking tiny thumbnails; your followers will see your photos and videos easily, even on smartphones. So don’t hesitate to drag and drop images and videos for easy sharing and greater engagement.

Social reports in Google Analytics
Google Analytics offers social reports that show how Google+ influences your conversion funnel, the impact of personalized recommendations on your site, and what visitors from social networks are coming to your site to see. You can also login to AdWords and see AdWords Annotation Reports, which show how ads with Google+ annotations compare to standard ads.