The Big Secret: Care & Engagement

The Big Secret: Care & Engagement

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In todays fast paced world everyone is looking for shortcuts – faster ways to get lots of things done. This philosophy works well for many things, like laundry machines, iRobot, Nest, irrigation systems, etc… but works lousy in the areas that matter most – forming human connections.

No machine or software can replicate the interaction between you and someone else. There are a ton of programs (Twitter, Facebook, etc..) that can help you connect on a grander scale with more people, but in the end – they’re just tools. We think they are wonderful tools of engagement, and should be used as so.

You need to make the human connection both digitally & physically. You need to spend the time to forge these one-on-one relationships. People are looking for value in where they spend their money – and you need to show them that your golf course, or your instruction is the most valuable in the area.

There are no secrets, just harsh realities – you have got to put in the work, the effort to allow people to choose your service. This is upfront work for long-term gain.

We encourage our clients to dedicate a percentage of their day to forming meaningful new relationships. You won’t believe how easy and fun it becomes to challenge yourself and meet new people, clients, and create raving fans.

Get started with the caring and engagement and the business side almost magically takes care of itself.