Titleist.com – A Web Design Case Study

Titleist.com – A Web Design Case Study

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You may have noticed that Titleist.com has recently undergone a major web re-design.  I recently spoke with Liz from the Titleist PR department about their recent online renovation that she calls a “re-skin”.

The new Titleist design reflects a more modern, Web 2.0 feel that is much easier to navigate than their old website. Liz said there were several reasons for the re-skin:

  • Reduce the amount of flash on the website to make it faster
  • Make the homepage easier to navigate through drop-down menus and tabbed containers
  • Keep the brand image consistent with some flash on the website

The main goal was to allow the user to get anywhere on the site with one click. Directly from the homepage you can skip right to the product or product category that you are looking for. With their old website, this was not possible. The old Titleist website had a sidebar navigation that did not allow the user to jump directly to specific products. We also talked about the Titleist website and SEO. Liz said that Search Engine Optimization was not a priority when “re-skinning” the new site. The have such good brand awareness and the best possible domain name for their company that SEO doesn’t rank high on their website priorities.

Titleist’s re-design perfectly shows how the current trend in web design has definitely shifted to a user-based experience. Companies are taking note of how users navigate their website and making the experience more user-friendly. Titleist doesn’t sell anything on their website, but they are committed to giving their customers a great experience while visiting their website.

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Check out the OLD Titleist website images:

Old Titleist Website

Old Titleist Website 2

Visit the NEW Titleist Website Here.