QR Codes

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What are QR Codes?
Quick Response codes (known as “QR” codes) are a very convenient way to display a small bit of information that is easily scanned and processed typically by mobile devices. Allowing physical items to almost become interactive, by providing information that is easily scanned like a website URL.

Most people are familiar with Universal Product codes (known as UPC codes). Everything you buy at the grocery store (and almost any store these days) has one of those that the cashier will scan. The computer then immediately knows what the product is based on the code that it picked up.

Think of QR codes as UPC codes but instead they’re used in a much broader spectrum, not just to “identify” products but to convey “information” of some kind.

How to use QR Codes?
You first need a QR Code Reader.

For iPhone we recommend one called Scan (see our screenshot of the App Store above). Just download the app, launch it, then hover over the QR Code.

QR Droid

For Android phones, we recommend QR Droid – a free, easy to use app that launches the camera right away.


The technology is pretty amazing – you don’t need to be very close or even have a steady hand. The reader will scan the QR Code then prompt you to launch the URL.

If this is your first time using a QR Code please let us know how your experience was and if you would ever use a QR Code for your business.