Promote Yourself with YouTube!

Promote Yourself with YouTube!

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Why YouTube?

If you’re not familiar with the video self-hosting service known as YouTube, then get acquainted! In a nutshell, YouTube allows users to post home-made videos to the web. Users can post as many videos as they want to this website and even have their own “channel” – all completely for free. The ground-breaking feature that YouTube came out with is the ability to ‘share’ these videos across the internet. Once you post a video to YouTube, anyone in the world can re-post it and share it with their friends on websites, through emails, in forums and chatrooms. As videos become more popular and are shared at a larger scale they reach exponential amounts of viewers. This is a GOOD thing for you!

YouTube Brings Exposure.
As a golf instructor – you WANT exposure. Unless, of course, you don’t want anyone to know about you and you don’t want your teaching business to grow. YouTube offers exposure to an audience that you could have NEVER reached otherwise. Having your videos on YouTube allows you to broadcast your video instruction to the world. Users can view your videos at any time of day from anywhere in the world.

Golfers ARE Looking for Instruction on YouTube.
Average golfers are looking for free instruction anywhere they can get it. They love FREE. YouTube is FREE and available to anyone. If your instruction videos are on your very own YouTube channel, then people may remember you. At the very least they should see a link back to your website and want to take a look! Why should you offer free video lessons? Because that is the BAIT! Content is the bait that brings people in to see you.  The more videos they can see of what you teach and how you teach it, the more likely they are to want golf lessons from you. Video can go a long way in creating a lasting impression with your students. More than a picture, it allows them to see how you speak, look, interact, and sound – all from the comfort of their own home.

Build Your Brand!
How does YouTube help to build your brand? It puts you in front of viewers. When someone searches your name on YouTube, you will come up. When someone searches your name on Google – you are more likely to come up (although not guaranteed). The more often you show up around the web – the better! ALTHOUGH – the more often you show up in the right spots on the web – EVEN BETTER. Being associated with reputable websites and associations only gives your brand more and better recognition.

How to Get on YouTube the RIGHT Way.

  1. Get your own ‘channel’ and name it correctly after yourself or your teaching academy.
  2. Upload instruction clips of yourself that are easy to hear! (Do NOT load videos that have poor picture quality and/or sound)
  3. Upload at least 10 videos to start out with! (Loading more than 1 will keep you in other ‘related’ videos)
  4. Shoot NICHE golf instruction videos. (There are a MILLION videos on how to “set-up to the ball”, so focus on something unique)

Contact Golf Web Design for more information on how to get noticed on YouTube and the internet!