Is Your Golf Course’s Website Hurting You?

Is Your Golf Course’s Website Hurting You?

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We definitely care about our customers – as well as all of our fellow PGA professionals.  That is why we want to make sure that your reputation and image is not being hindered by your golf course’s website.  If your golf course has a website that isn’t very attractive, displays poor pictures of the course and it’s facilities, is hard to navigate or find information, or is just plain BAD – then you need to take action.

Here’s how a bad golf course website can hurt the image of the course AND the staff:

  1. An ugly website can make a BAD first impression. If a golfer finds your course on the web – and can’t find contact information, decent pictures or relevant text – they automatically associate poor quality with your golf course.
  2. Information isn’t found.  You lose business when people can’t find your phone number or contact info.
  3. The amenities aren’t there! When golf courses are competing for the same customers – it’s the little things that count. A nice website can add a touch of class.
  4. No additional traffic is generated.  A great way to gain more customers is to offer internet-only discounts.
  5. There is no newsletter integration! This is a great way to keep in touch with members and/or customers!

If you can take an active role in making sure that your website is kept up to date, PLEASE do it! Don’t leave the content of your website up to a new-hire or a non-golfer. Make sure that it’s on point.

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