Pinterest – Secret Boards

Pinterest – Secret Boards

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Pinterest Secret Boards have been around for a long time now and we don’t hear of too many people using them – which blows our minds!

This is such a great tool that allows you to share private information with whomever you want on Pinterest. Here is a real world scenery that would work great for golf instructors:

When you are looking into the “packages” and “programs” you offer, why not add “Private Pinterest” page to the list. Instructors can add tips, interesting articles, images, videos and general cool things for exclusive members only. This means that they must be signed up for this package to view the material. It’s a “value add” service that really brings in the social element, making it a more personal intimate connection. Now you can invite only certain people to view this content, and unlike your traditional Pinterest posts – these can only be viewed on your board.

Creating a Secret Board is simple:

  1. Login to Pinterest
  2. Click the “+” in the top right corner
  3. Add A Board
  4. Turn the “Secret” option to “yes”

Share your stories of how you are using Pinterest by sending us an email at hello@golfwebdesign.com or by inviting us to view your board!