Mobile Apps Part III – A Customers Perspective

Mobile Apps Part III – A Customers Perspective

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We want to take this opportunity to explain what a typical encounter might be when someone uses your Golf Course Mobile App for the first time. This is a story of how a Golf Course App built specifically for your facility by Golf Web Design can help to promote and enhance your facility.

Our Golf Course Apps have separated themselves from the competition trying to copy our product – no other company can match our quality, support, functionality, features or prices! We ask that you continue reading and take this short journey with our hero Ted, he will help you to understand the many uses and experiences that a user will experience with your mobile app.

A really nice feature of our Golf Course Mobile Apps is that they can be viewed without an Internet connection. Meaning, unlike some other apps where you have to have Internet access, you won’t need the Internet use many of the features (ex. you need the Internet for the GPS function to work, but not to view the Course Tour). This is great for traveling and areas with bad reception.

Ted’s Golf Course Mobile App Adventure

Ted is your typical golfer. He loves the game, loves playing golf with his buddies (especially for a few bucks) and loves to play new golf courses. You can imagine how excited Ted was when he got a text message from Bill asking if he wanted to play Whisper Grass.

The text from Bill reads: “hey Ted u wanna tee it up at whisper grass this sat – 11 am? lmk”
Ted responds: “oh yeah, was just thinking that I needed to take some $$$ off of you soon! :)”
Bill: “haha, you wish – you should probably check out the course before u play so I don’t own ur house by the end of the round. download their app you’ll like it. c u sat.”

Ted downloads the Whisper Grass App. He thinks “I knew this course was awesome, but wow – they have an app, why doesn’t my course have that?”

He starts to click through the app and notices all the powerful features that Whisper Grass offers.

“Wow, a news section – I didn’t know they are offering 25% of shoes this week, I think now would be a great time to get a new pair. Oh, they also have a Member-Guest coming up – that would be cool to play in”. Ted continues to read all the news articles that the Golf Staff has updated themselves via Facebook, Twitter or RSS.

Ted them moves on to the Course Tour. “Holy cow – look at these pictures – they even include a Pro Tip so I can be prepared to beat Bill on Saturday. GPS! They offer free GPS to the front, center, and back of greens on each hole – oh this is too sweet”

Ted then checks out the Grill Menu. “A Grill Menu? I’m getting hungry just looking at this! I can even call the grill and place an order from my phone – that is nice, no more waiting 15 minutes at the turn for a sandwich.”

He then clicks the Tee Times Menu. “Oh nice, I can book a tee time right from my phone. Let’s see what they have available next weekend just in case I need to schedule a rematch”

“Let me checkout the scorecard, I want to figure out where I need to give Bill strokes…”

After checking out the Scorecard Menu he clicks the Contact Page. “A contact page? Oh, this is nice, I can see information about the staff and add them to the contact list on my phone in one simple click. That is good to have – now I can put a face with the name when I see the Pro on Saturday. Maybe I should call him and get a quick lesson before Saturday?”

Ted decides to click the “Add to Contact” button for the Head Professional, he’ll end up calling him this afternoon. He then leaves that page and clicks the Photo Gallery Menu. “This photo gallery is so cool – this place looks really nice and I can just flip through all the pictures really easily”

“What’s this – a wedding page? Oh, I didn’t know they have weddings at this course – look how nice those look. I need to show this to my brother for his wedding. They even have contact information so he can e-mail or call the events manager right from this app”

Ted sees the Weather Menu and can’t wait to see what that is all about. “Weather? How nice is this – let me check out the weather for this Saturday – nice, 78 and sunny!”

Ted then sees a menu item titled Course History, he decides to read how Whisper Grass came to be. “A course history section – cool, I didn’t know that back in the early 1900’s this place was used as a halfway house for soldiers, pretty neat little background on this club.”

When Ted finishes clicking through the Whisper Grass App he tells his buddies about how cool and functional the app is – he encourages them to download it and stay connected with what is going on at the club. Ted’s buddies love the app and have been thinking of joining a club in the area. This kind of information and staying current with modern technology is exactly what they’re looking for in a new club – Whisper Grass might have just picked up a few members!

The end.

This was just the adventure of one man, there are many more stories to tell and tales to be written. Write your own story by building a Golf Course Mobile App for your facility. We customize each app to work with you club and benefit your bottom line. We encourage your golf course to take advantage of the mobile platform – get your club a Golf Course Mobile App today!

Next week we will talk about the benefits of working with the PGA Professionals at Golf Web Design and having them help you to know and grow your business.