Mobile Apps Part II – An App for Every Facility

Mobile Apps Part II – An App for Every Facility

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“What are other golf courses using a Golf Course Mobile Apps for?”

“What benefits will a Golf Course Mobile App give me?”

Those are common questions we hear from our fellow PGA Professionals and we would like to answer those questions as they pertain to the three different types of golf facilities – Public, Resort and Private.
Each type of golf course has a certain demographic that they must target in order to maximize rounds played at their golf course.

Targeting the nuances of each demographic can definitely help to see a bigger ROI on your mobile app. (ex. – The same can be said for a website if you take a look at how private golf clubs use the password protection feature much more than a public or resort course would use it. Private courses are simply playing to their audience; members of a private club join because they like the exclusivity of it all. Password protecting their website further enhances the exclusivity of the club.)

Golf Course Mobile Apps for Private Golf Courses

Private golf courses have been using Golf Course Mobile Apps in a similar way to how they use their website – they want to provide a wonderful experience for each and every member (and potential member). They don’t like to cut corners and are focused on details. Some simple questions to ask yourself if you are a Head Professional or General Manager are:

Do I want to attract more and new members?

Do I want a better way to keep in touch with existing members.

Do I need to password protect certain areas of information on the App?

We’ve had a few clubs come to us and say, “Our members simply don’t use the website like they should – we have a tough time keeping everyone up to date on what is going on at the club”. A Golf Course Mobile App presented a great solution to this problem! Here’s why:

  • A Golf Course Mobile App can be updated by the golf shop staff – this includes course closing, weather updates, tournament results, upcoming events, etc…
  • A Golf Course Mobile App is MOBILE – a member has access to it almost everywhere he or she goes – unlike a website
  • It’s much easier to read a Golf Course Mobile App formatted feed – it’s short, concise, and to the point. It’s also easier to read than a web page on your phone

So what do private clubs use Golf Course Mobile App for? Here are a few:

  1. Keeping in touch with members
  2. Posting course updates, tournament results, and news
  3. Online Yardage Guide – great for guests coming to play the course
  4. GPS – determining distance to the green
  5. A great way to showcase your website to guests and potential new member
  6. If your facility focuses on Outings / Weddings / Events this is a great way to separate yourself from the rest of the private clubs in the area

Here’s the full list of Golf Course Mobile App Features

Golf Course Mobile Apps for Public and Resort Courses

Public and Resort courses focus on mainly the same thing – generate as many rounds of golf as possible and make money! Resort courses also have the addition of hotel stays and golf packages which we’ll talk about in a minute. But overall the general idea is to provide a better product than your competitors and your bottom line will be enhanced!

A mobile app for Public & Resort courses is a great marketing tool – one that informs the customer, engages them on a level found nowhere else, and offers incentives that can’t be found anywhere else. These are the high-level goals of your mobile app. Now let’s dig a little deeper into how a course can reach these goals.

Informing the Customer
A golf course mobile app is always with someone – so long as they have their phone with them (which happens to be almost all the time). This gives you a way to reach a customer wherever they may be! Push notifications are just one terrific way that a public course can try to sell empty tee times, promote a sale, or advertise an upcoming tournament. Updating a news feed is also a great way that you can keep your customers informed of what is going on or coming up soon at your course.

Engaging the Customer
Offer the ability to book tee times through your mobile app – or offer a convenient way for them to call the grill at the turn! Engage with them like no other platform can. Maybe you have a top notch restaurant and you can offer them a simple way to make a dining reservation after they finish their round of golf.

Offer Incentives
Discounts or special offers can be an enticing way for customers to spend more money in your golf shop or take an extra lesson. You can make these offers through your news feed – simply require the customer to show you the ad. There’s nothing hard about that! And it makes the customer feel good knowing that they received 50% off their next round of golf simply because they downloaded your FREE course app.

So these are just a few ways that a mobile app for your golf course can drive more business and increase your brand recognition as a Public, Resort, or Private golf facility. Apps for golf courses are new, exciting and fresh. It’s the perfect time to have one built for your facility – separate yourself from the competition and call us today!

Next week we’ll take a more in-depth look at a golf course mobile app from the customer’s perspective.