iPhone 4: A Key Tool for today’s PGA Professional

iPhone 4: A Key Tool for today’s PGA Professional

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Remember the days when video first came on the scene and the majority of golf professionals rejected the idea, claiming it would never work…well look where we are now.

Video is a strong tool to use with when giving a golf lesson to the modern consumer. It is the most tangible item they can take away (via CD, DVD, e-Mail, etc…) from the lesson. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, so then what is a video worth? When a student can actually see what they are doing with the club they are more likely to make the connection to your instruction. Video has become king, for multiple reasons. With the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4, teaching with video has never been easier, or faster. Do you like to record golf tips for your students or the public, how about taking a video of yourself hitting a bunker shot and loading it to your website in TWO clicks! What if your prized student is at a major event and needs a quick check-up?

…the iPhone 4 has all of this covered.

The iPhone 4 and HD Video

The iPhone 4 records in HD. Yes, HD. The great thing about recording in HD is that you don’t get the “motion blur” effect as is the case when recording in Standard Definition. This is unbelievable, HD on your Smartphone – and easy to use at that. Once you record a golf swing you can view it, edit it, e-mail it or post it right to YouTube in 2 clicks! If you want further control right on the spot, you can download the iMovie App (one-time fee of $4.99) and have frame by frame control. View it with QuickTime on your computer and you will get Full HD frame-by-frame control that is out of this world.

Practical Everyday Uses

Scenario One: You are on the range talking with golfers and you spot John topping it

Grab your iPhone 4. “Hey John, let me see you hit one, I’m going to record this.” You record John topping yet another ball, and then you show him.

“You see how you are straightening your spine, you’re standing up.” John says, “I really don’t feel like I am, that is crazy!” You tell John to hit another ball and maintain that spine angle while you record it. “Wow that is a completely different sensation!”

With TWO clicks you send John both videos via e-mail, and tell him to call you for a lesson or two. The signature of your e-mail is already pre-programmed with all the ways to get in touch with you to schedule a lesson so there is no need to even type a thing, just hit send! That’s it, in a matter of a few minutes you were able to give a student a video lesson (that tangible item) and help him improve his game. You know he will be calling for a lesson!

Scenario Two: You are recording some Golf Instructional Videos

You like to update your website or YouTube channel with fresh new golf tips.

This one is easy. Record yourself giving a golf tip, and click on the “Send to YouTube” button. Your video is instantly posted to YouTube. If you have a website with Golf Web Design, we can integrate your YouTube channel directly on your website, so in essence you are updating your website with fresh new content right from the practice area!

That is just downright awesome.

Scenario Three: Your player is struggling with his stroke and you are far away

We have many clients who work with really good tournament players. Imagine that your player is overseas and needs you to take a look at his putting stroke. He can have his caddy record the stroke and send it directly to you. You can be on the phone with your player while watching his video he just sent you 2 seconds ago and walk him through how to adjust. If that is not a cool thing to offer your tournament players then I don’t know what is!

Whether you are just getting started in the teaching business or are a wily old veteran, use technology to your advantage. The iPhone 4 is so easy to use and can add so much value to your golf business. It is something that is not going away so embrace it, use it, and stay ahead of the curve. Today’s consumers love to talk and word-of-mouth is more important than ever, so give them something fresh to talk about.

We highly recommend you test this for yourself and enhance your business.