Why Yelp is Important for Your Business

Why Yelp is Important for Your Business

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Yelp is a service that allows people to search for what interests them. Your business must be utilizing this tool to monitor and engage with customers.

It’s easy. Visit Yelp.com and search your business. Update your business information and add pictures. It takes a few minutes but your current and future customers now will have accurate information about the business.

Promote and encourage your customers to review your business on Yelp. This is a great way (along with Google + & Foursquare) to help understand your customer and provide better service. Yelp is just another tool of reaching customers and showing them you care. You’ll now be able to better monitor, track and respond to your customer’s cares, concerns and suggestions – what a great asset!

Share with us how you are using Yelp and what it is doing to take your business to the next level.