Twitter’s Search Feature

Twitter’s Search Feature

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The most powerful tool on the Internet right now is

Twitters search function trumps anything that Google can throw at it. Golf Courses, Golf Professionals and Industry Leaders are missing the biggest opportunity to engage with their customers if they are not taking advantage of this free tool.

When you go to below the search box are the main operators that you should be using to find, interact and engage potential and current customers. View them, learn them, and use them.

Twitter even offers an advanced search tool that lets you target even more distinct users. If you haven’t used this for your business yet we highly recommend you give it a try –

Start your searches locally and engage with customers in your immediate area – then branch out and see what you can do. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Let us know how you’re using this tool and what it has done for your business @golfwebdesign.