The Revolutionary New iPad – Effect on Golf

The Revolutionary New iPad – Effect on Golf

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The iPad will change the way golf instructors give lessons.

First of all – what is the iPad?   The iPad is a combination smart-phone and computer that is built off the popular iPhone and iPod touch hardware.  Some critics think it’s just an oversized iPod, while others compare it to net-books that have already been around for years.  We tend to think the opposite. The iPad is going to eventually change the way golf professionals teach their students.

Let’s touch on a few reasons why this device will EVENTUALLY change how golf instruction can be given.*

Portability – it’s as slim as a portfolio and doesn’t need to be opened up like a laptop.  It can be carried to the range and on the golf course and won’t take up a bunch of room.

Touch screen – no mouse is required like a typical computer.

Ease of use.  The learning curve on almost all Apple products is extremely low.  Figuring out how to use the basic features will be extremely easy, while all of the advanced functionality won’t take long to learn.

Simplicity.  All the features that you need will be there, while all the ones you don’t –won’t!

WiFi.  With wireless Internet connections becoming the norm at most facilities, a portable and internet capable device for teaching only makes sense.  After your lesson, a video can be sent directly to your student’s inbox.   Your student receives their video lesson INSTANTLY – then you get to move on to your next lesson!

So stay tuned for the latest advancements in this stunning new product along with the software and camera to go along with it.

*We say this because, like with any new technology, there will be fear of change, barriers to entry, and it will take time for widespread use to take effect.