Mobile Apps Part IV – Working with PGA Professionals

Mobile Apps Part IV – Working with PGA Professionals

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One of the great aspects of our business is working everyday with PGA Professionals. We help to find the right business solutions for our fellow professionals and what will work for their business. We had the idea of bringing a marketing strategy to the mobile platform and worked very closely with our fellow professionals to design an app that would contribute and add value to their golf course. What was developed was nothing short of extraordinary – a custom mobile app for the iPhone and / or Android.

We have developed the “foundation” of a solid app through marketing and advertising research; and offer the options to add whatever functions our clients need for their specific facility. Think of it as building a golf course, we have already developed the “concepts” such as “grass, 18 total holes, and that there will be tee boxes and greens.” Now it is up to that individual course to develop the “feel & functionality” such as “type of grass, 18 unique holes, how many tee boxes and what color flags on the green.” We offer a guide to what works and leave the option available for each facility to determine the direction they want to pursue.

It is truly a one-of-kind industry leading product that has many imitators but no duplicators. With the help of our fellow PGA Professionals we have set the standard for how a Golf Course Mobile App should look, cost, function, perform and provide to each and every user that downloads the app. To look at the ever growing list of features that we offer please check out our Golf Course Mobile App Features Section.

Golf Course GPS
Here are just a few of some special features that PGA Professionals have used in their courses app:

  • GPS
  • Multiple Photo Galleries
  • Weather
  • Multiple Grill / Dinner Menus
  • Events Sign-up
  • Directories
  • Course Locator
  • App Only – Golf Packages
  • Post Handicap
  • Promotional Videos

What makes the mobile platform so great to build on is that people have their mobile phones with them EVERYWHERE! Your course is only a click away. We help professionals grow their business and use the resources that their customers are using. A Golf Course Mobile App is what websites were 10 years ago – they are quickly becoming a “must-have” addition to your marketing strategy.

the best design. the best price. the best functionality. the best service.

Next week we will talk about Updating Your App – Getting Out New Information.