How to Write Interesting Instruction Articles

How to Write Interesting Instruction Articles

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If you want to become a well known golf professional – you need to have your work published.  You can have your instruction published in many places – your website, newspapers, magazines, books, and blogs. So we thought we would provide a few tips on how to write a golf instruction article that gets noticed.

The first question to ask yourself is, “who is your target audience?” Where is the article being published? If you are writing an article for your website, make sure you address it to the proper audience. Then start by putting yourself in the shoes of the people you are teaching. Imagine what they want to hear – then give it to them!

Keep it to the point. Don’t start writing an article then go off on some tangent that you didn’t intend to write about. People like it when you get to the point and get there quickly. Just make sure you give enough information to fully explain whatever it is that you are trying to explain.

Relevance – make sure it’s there! If you are writing an article about how women golfers can improve their short game, then don’t start talking about the great drives that Zach Johnson was hitting in the last PGA Tour event. Stick to the topic at hand even if it means that your article will be short.

Provide examples. Examples can come in the form of words, pictures, and video. Examples of the golf instruction that you are trying to write will teach your student and show them exactly the point that you are trying to get across.

Pick an INTERESTING and UNIQUE topic. Golfers want to cure their slice, but they don’t want you to tell them “fix your path and square up your face” – they want a new drill, new way of thinking, or new training aid that will help them fix it. Want to know one reason why the “stack and tilt” has received so much attention? It’s different, it’s NEW, and it has a strong belief system. The guys behind it STRONGLY believe it will help your swing.

Have your articles edited! It doesn’t have to be edited by a professional copywriter, but make sure someone with a fresh set of eyes reads your articles for cohesion and grammar.

Follow these simple guidelines and the content of your instruction articles will be more engaging and interesting. The “stickiness” of your articles will also increase!