Golf Courses – Your Website Should Be Helping You

Golf Courses – Your Website Should Be Helping You

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Customers visit your golf course for the experience, your website is no different. The digital presence for your business (your website) needs to be treated with the same care you treat your physical business.

We see so many bad websites everyday; and help so many companies change the way they have been doing things – after all, this isn’t 2006. If your website can’t do what your customers need it to do, then it’s time for a change – stop wasting money on a product that is there for your customers, but they don’t use!

The sole purpose of a website is to get information to your customers when it is convenient for them (the Internet is open 24/7). Making the information easy to access, current and appealing to the eye, all add a level of user experience that helps define your business.

Here is the reality – your customer, whether consciously or subconsciously, makes a decision about your business based on the website. If your website is old, out dated and just plan ugly to look at this is what it relays the customer:

“If they don’t care about something as important as their website, how are they suppose to care about me?”

That is a fact. Think about this – do companies like Nike, Sony, Apple and Google know this, absolutely. They want you to be blown away when you visit them online. They know the importance of having a professional website, and it’s not just about looks – it’s about getting the customer information – EASILY.

We help businesses everyday assess their website and improve their customers experiences – give us a call and find out what your customers have been expecting from your business.