Firefox 4 & IE 9 – Thanks for Coming!

Firefox 4 & IE 9 – Thanks for Coming!

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We are big fans of Mozilla and they have just released their brand new Firefox 4. We recommend that everyone go to their website – – and download the new version. After only 36 hours on the market they had over 10 million downloads! You can check out their website and learn of all the new features, but here are a few of the highlights just for fun

  • Super Speed
    View Web pages way faster, using less of your computer’s memory.
  • Stay in Sync
    Take Firefox with you wherever you go. Synchronize your browsing across multiple devices.
  • Easy Customization
    Thousands of add-ons give you the freedom to make Firefox your own.
  • Awesome Bar
    Forget clunky URLs – find the sites you love in seconds.
  • Intuitive Interface
    Firefox is built with you in mind, so it’s easy and instinctive to use even the first time you try it.

Microsoft has disappointed many people over the last 10 years with their horrible and clunky browsers (IE6, IE7, IE8), but we are happy to announce that they have finally joined the party. Internet Explorer 9 is by no means the best browser on the market, but they have made a huge leap forward and Internet Explorer 9 does deliver what was needed from their company. If you are a Microsoft super-fan we highly recommend you check out the New Internet Explorer 9 and update your current version on IE – here are a few of the features

  • All-around fast
    Fast and responsive web experiences for Windows.
  • Focused on your websites
    The new browser makes any website shine.
  • Seamless with Windows 7
    Pinned Sites, Jump Lists, and more—it all works together.
  • One Box
    Go to a web address or start a search—all from the same place.
  • Pinned Sites
    Get to your favorite sites in one click.
  • SmartScreen Filter
    Built-in protection helps keep you safer online.