Do Teaching Professionals Need a Website?

Do Teaching Professionals Need a Website?

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This is a question that comes to us all the time – “do PGA Pro’s (specifically teaching professionals) absolutely NEED a website?” The answer: a resounding YES!

Think about your competition for a minute.  Where can the average golfer get a lesson? OR where can the average golfer find advice? I ask this because most golfers want just a simple swing tip or piece of instruction that they can find in a magazine or from the internet. But let’s get back to that in a minute and right now focus on your competition.

Other golf professionals in your area are probably your biggest competition when it comes to actually giving lessons. So how does a golfer in your area find out about you and what services you offer? Let’s say they want a lesson with the possibility of a club fitting. Well, they will probably recall what their golf buddies have told them about where to take a lesson.  Then they might look it up in the phone book.  Then they will definitely jump on Google and do a quick search for all the teaching pros in their area. So the question is – will your name come up?


Now let’s move on to your current students. They take lessons from you on a regular basis because they like the way you teach and you have made them improve. So what is their perception of you? You’re probably a nice person, patient, you’re probably a good golfer with impressive talent, you can explain any part of the golf swing, and you’re just known as the pro. Now let’s say you have a great website – it has lots of information and it shows your customers how great of a teacher you are. It gives a great description of your services and may offer everything about your background that a prospective student would want to know. Students can do their research on what you have to offer without actually asking you – they can find out all kinds of information that they may never ask you in person.

So now their perception of you has changed. People don’t just see you as the place to go to get golf lessons – they see you as a proactive golf professional who is interested in really delivering solid golf instruction to his students. They now know that you were a Division 1 college standout, or that you studied under David Leadbetter, and so on.  Basically, your students and potential clients now have a more positive and re-affirmed knowledge about your background, your teaching style, and what other people have to say about you.

So what do you currently know about what it takes to become a great teaching professional? You probably know that personality goes a long way, that you should be pro-active in promoting yourself, and that becoming a great teaching is all about building your personal brand. What better way to promote yourself than to give your students access to everything you have to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?

So, let’s recap. The question was, “Do I need a website?” And the answer is a resounding, “YES!” Even if your website is super simple and only offers up a contact form with your email, phone number, and directions to your facility.  This will at the very least ensure that current and potential clients can find you!

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