Golf Course Audit

Golf Course Audit

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PGA Professionals carry the torch as ambassadors of the game. They represent the traditions, professionalism and integrity of golf. They are responsible for growing and improving the game through business, instruction and community involvement.

We know that PGA Professionals take their business very seriously and want the best possible (and affordable) products to allow their business to grow.

The goal of PGA Magazine’s Digital Business is to help expose and inform PGA Professionals about online tools and business practices for the current market. It is to act as a spark plug to help give PGA Professionals the guidance and motivation to explore new tools and better improve their bottom line through enhanced customer experiences.

Most businesses are not treating their online presence with the respect and attention that is needed for thriving in the digital world. Did you know that 95% of consumers use at least one form of social media? Did you know that 13.4% of all Internet traffic is done on mobile (that number is expected to rapidly be over 50%)?

What does all of this mean? It means that businesses need to treat their online presence much differently than they are currently treating it. Most people are content with the fact that they “have a website” or “have a Facebook page”. What you are doing with those pages means more and more each and every day.

We are promoting and encouraging all golf professionals and golf courses to do an audit this off-season and evaluate how you can grow your business through the use of the digital space. Make it a News Year’s resolution for your business to examine what you are currently doing and what can better drive customer interactions this year.

Take your website for example, can you easily update it from your smartphone? That technology is available and may help you improve your communications with your members. Your website should not only function well, but also look good on all devices. If your website can’t be easily navigated without “zooming in” or it compromises content for screen size then you are doing your customers a disservice. The underlying theme is to take your website seriously, it is one of the most important components of your business and your gateway to online exposure.

Treat your website like “Grand Central Station” or the main source for information – and everything else should act as a supplement to your website. Services such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Google+ all compliment your online image and help tell your story.

Can these other services help your business? A Twitter page can help you communicate with young and junior golfers. Are you utilizing Facebook live to help you engage your members. A strong Google + following will help with your SEO results.

There are numerous social media platforms that have a domino effect on your business. Dedicating time to some of these directly effect how you are viewed online. While services like Facebook & Twitter will come and go – the overall dynamic of the game has been forever changed. People are communicating in ways never before thought possible. Embracing this cultural shift will not only help your bottom line, but help you stay connected and engaged with your customers.

We help people everyday organize and prioritize their online presence. The neat part of focusing your efforts on digital is the cost savings. Businesses can get a better website and marketing product today than 5 years ago – at a fraction of the cost. Social media websites are free! All of this adds up to more exposure with less effort and cost.

Golf Professionals wear many hats – we believe that one of the most important hats needs to be your digital presence if you are serious about growing your business in 2016-2017.

Golf Web Design wants to help your golf course improve this year. If you need help auditing the current state of your business then give us a call at 888.287.2614.